Thursday, January 11, 2007

Losing my heart as well as a good deal of my memory in Buenos Aires

I arrived in BsAs slightly frazzled after my immense journey north and certainly overwhelmed by the heat in the city. I checked into the Milhouse Hostel- as described in the guide book as a 'party hostel', my first impressions were of a very disorganised students' union (staffed by some of the hottest looking people i had seen for a long time) and went to find Kate & Hannah, two English girls I had met in Bolivia and arranged to meet here for christmas.
I wish i could say that i spent the 10 days leading up to new year doing cultural activities spending my time in art galleries, dancing tango or seeing the sights and admiring the architecture but that would be a lie... Instead I caught up on gossip with the girls and the time seemed to pass very quickly in a (slightly blurry) haze of laughter, wine and shopping.
Christmas day was certainly very different for me. I have to admit having christmas in the middle of summer (it reached 43 degrees on christmas day!!) is a bit strange and the total lack of all the tacky commericalism that you find at home didn't make any of us feel very christmassy. Our multinational Christmas dinner consisted of steak, red wine (lots of both and definately no brussel sprouts!) and a few tears after each one of us rang home. Most argentines celebrate 'christmas' on christmas eve and so by early evening on the 25th the city seemed pretty much back to normal.
The sun set on 2006 whilst I watched a big free tango show and classical concert in the main avenue of BsAs and then I spent night disco dancing in a huge stylish open air club, that oddly, had a pond right in the middle of it (needless to say some of us left a lot wetter than we had arrived). We stayed til dawn and watched the first beautiful sunrise of 2007.
Once our hangovers had worn off we decided to have a few days relaxing on the beaches in Uruaguay. It turned out to be rather more difficult to get there than it should have been-a 4 hour journey became a 10hour epic! But we got there only to find it is right in the middle of high season and the hostels think it reasonable to double their prices!!! We stayed just long enough for me to turn most parts of my body pink and somehow get sand into every item of clothing I own.
Now back in BsAs we have managed to visit those art galleries, see the sights, take lots of pictures and generally enjoy the culture. and i love it. Anyone who spoke to me after coming back from Barcelona last year will know how cool i think it is there- well double that and you get close to how cool BsAs is! I'm intending to spend the rest of my time here in the city, perhaps do some more volunteer work or perhaps just more shopping and try to maintain my tan.


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