Wednesday, December 06, 2006

where am i?

At this bit you should be looking of snowcapped mountains, crystal clear lakes, pine forests, chocolate shops and me eating an enormous ice cream but as the computer here is so rubbish i'm unable to upload any photos....... just imagine...... are you imagining?
well it looks like switzerland but obviously its not- as i'm in Argentina. well thats the joke spoiled now i can tell you what i've been doing here.
After leaving Malargue I headed down to San Martin de los Andes, then on to Villa la Angostura and finally i'm in Barriloche now. The whole region here is beautiful, and perfect for walking. This is what i have been doing lots of.
In San Martin.. i was again the only english speaker but met lots of friendly spanish and germans. I spent the days walking around the lake (well i got as far as the beach and then sun-bathed), then the afternoons eating the most wonderful ice cream and the long light evenings eating steak and drinking red wine. perfect.
i left San Martin after a few days for the tiny village of Villa la Angostura, again very prettily set at the egde of a huge but perfectly clear (and very cold lake). Again more walking, this time with a french student studying in Buenos Aires- we spent the day speaking a mixture of english, spanish and the tiniest bit of french and ended up walking alot further than anticipated. We set off to the nearby port to walk along to the end of a penisular with some pretty odd trees at the end and then to catch the ferry back; but on arriving at the end of the penisular we found that neither of us had enough money for the exsorbitantly expensive boat ride back so we had to walk. This made our short morning stroll into a rather longer 30km walk. The peninsular was beautiful and we had the forest of flaky barked trees and the small dock all to our selves. From the small port we could look out over the enormous lake at the tree pined banks which were framed by massive but distant snow capped mountains. We arrived back at the hostel that evening absolutely starving but feeling like we had earned a good tea and spent that saturday night watching films and drinking beer.
The following day i headed on to Barriloche, the town at the other end of the same lake- the 2 hour bus ride in itself was beautiful and passes through what is called the lake district (slightly more spectacular than windemere i have to add). The bus wound its way through the pine forests along side many glacial lakes and beautiful, colourful spring flowers. And guess what i got up to in Barriloche?..... yes thats right a bit more walking but as well as walking Barriloche is also famous for its ice cream and so in between walks i've probably eaten my own body weight in the best ice cream i've ever tasted! i'd better not stay here too long otherwise i'll not be able to walk out at all, they'll have to roll me down to the bus terminal!


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